Vietnamese Restaurant with a twist


Pho Viez

Vietnamese restaurant with a twist
Pho Viez is a small family owned restaurant. Our goal is to serve the community with high quality, authentic, homemade food.
Our diverse menu consisted of authentic Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese. We used high-quality meat such as Jumbo Shrimp, all white meat chicken, and flank steak in our dishes.
Our specialty is Pho, a Vietnamese beef noodle soup. The sweetness of our broth comes from simmering the beef bone, flank steak, brisket, daikon and variety of herbs for hours.
In our Pho, the meats are perfectly cooked and tender. The fresh herbs, succulent beef, hot broth, spicy flavors of jalapeno and Sriracha, the sweet-salty-smokey Hoisin and the al dente noodles are all perfectly combined creating a different level of taste and texture in your mouth.
In addition to Vietnamese food, we also have a variety of Thai dishes. Such as Pad Thai, stir- fried white rice noodle with bean sprouts, chives and a choice of chicken, beef or shrimp. Our creamy red, green, yellow, and massaman curry are also great to try.
Our Chinese dishes consisted of Lo-Mein, General Tso’s chicken, Sesame chicken, Sweet and Sour chicken, and a variety of other dishes.
We create all of our dishes with care and love. All of us in the Pho Viez Family would love to have the opportunity to serve you.